Sep 28, 2021

As an Prime member, you will no longer receive free two-hour deliveries from Whole Foods Market starting October 25.

Whole Foods announced in an email to Prime members last week that it would add a delivery charge of $ 9.95 to all door-to-door deliveries from its stores. The chain said it would allow groceries to be sold online for the same price as in-store and help cover costs associated with the service, including investments in equipment and technology.

“Our pricing is consistent between in-store and online options, which you don’t see with many of our competitors,” a Whole Foods spokesperson said. Business intern. “We are starting to see more and more customers coming back to shop in stores, which we are encouraging with our contactless payment options. “

The decision to charge Prime members for Whole Foods deliveries follows six market tests over the summer in the Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Manchester, NH, Portland, ME and Providence, RI areas. Whole Foods said it has seen an increase in door-to-door delivery activity since the novel coronavirus pandemic began last year.

Prime members looking to save money while continuing to purchase Whole Foods online have the option of placing in-store or curbside pick-up orders. The channel said it would continue to offer free one-hour pickup to Prime members.

Some members, who pay $ 119 a year for two-day delivery from Amazon and other perks, including that of Whole Foods, are not happy with the decision and have taken to Twitter and other social media for express their negative emotions.

A disgruntled Prime member named Rubén takes stock this way: “Amazon: Are you sure you can’t waive the shipping costs? We did it – by @Jeff Bezos – just pay for sending Jeff to “space” earlier this year – this may be his way of thanking us for a change. “

Many have pointed out the diminishing value of Prime membership as they claim that Amazon continues to take away the benefits. Others said drivers would receive smaller tips, letting Amazon profit while low-paid workers pay the price.

Brandy O’Neill, a food blogger who goes by the name Nutmeg Nanny online, has said she will not be renewing her Prime membership.

“I felt like they were taking a service away, and the charges are ridiculous,” Ms. O’Neill said. The Washington Post. “It’s just rude.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What will be the net effect of’s decision to charge Prime members for Whole Foods home deliveries? Should Amazon be concerned about the perceived value of owning a Prime membership?


“This move only reinforces consumer perception that Whole Foods is an unreasonably high-priced retailer.”


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