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Tilman Fertitta’s plan to survive the pandemic

The Houston Chronicle details how Houston restaurateur and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta keeps his hotel empire afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Chron, Fertitta managed to secure a $ 300 million private loan to keep the business afloat while its restaurants, casinos and entertainment venues are closed – at a high interest rate of 13%. As for the Texan part of that empire, Fertitta’s company plans to open all restaurants operated by Landry’s Inc. on May 1.

Chef Kiran Verma launches home-cooked meals at HEB

Following in the footsteps of Houston restaurants like Coltivare and Hugo’s, Houston chef Kiran Verma brings some of her most iconic Indian dishes to the grocery store shelves. According to CultureMap, dishes like palak paneer, butter chicken, and saffron rice pulao will debut at five local HEB stores and Central Market this week.

Texas Gov. Abbott plans to allow take-out alcohol sales “forever”

When Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that restaurants could, for the first time, sell take-out alcoholic beverages, restaurant owners rejoiced. Now it looks like this plan could go on “forever,” according to one. Tweeter from Abbott’s personal account. “Take-out liquor sales may continue after May 1,” Abbott tweeted. “From what I hear from Texans, we can keep this forever.”

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