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Each day, the show will cover at least 20 stocks determined by co-hosts Joel Elconin and Dennis Dick as well as producer Spencer Israel.

After a prolonged decline of a problem from a high level, a catalyst is needed to push it higher again.

A Wall Street Journal article provided a potential catalyst for ViacomCBS Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB), which is the preparation day stock before it goes to market on Thursday.

ViacomCBS bounces back from March 2020 low: After ending 2019 at $ 41.97, ViacomCBS fell with the broad market during the March 2020 meltdown. It hit a low in March with the broad market at $ 10.10 and started to rebound.

This low is just above its September low of $ 9.74. It still finished the year ($ 37.26) in the red 11% but added 268% from its March low.

Archegos Hedge Fund and the ViacomCBS rally: While some explosive market rallies can be explained by fundamentals, others cannot, and ViacomCBS is one of them.

In the first few months of 2021, Archegos Hedge Fund faced a reckless margin requirement from some of the biggest companies on Wall Street, which drove up the price of ViacomCBS and other issues. .

When the price reversed in ViacomCBS, these companies left the holdings as quickly as possible.,

ViacomCBS’s dreaded stock offering: It took 2.5 months for the show to climb from its year-end close ($ 37.26) to peak at $ 101.97 on March 15, 2021. The show experienced a brief two-day retreat at $ 86.17 and was last back in triple digits on March 22, when it peaked at $ 100.42 and posted its all-time high of $ 100.34.

On Tuesday, March 23, the company announced a $ 3 billion equity offering of equity securities to help fund investments in its streaming service Paramount +, which launched in March. The company valued 20 million shares of its Class B common stock at $ 85 per share on March 24.

The uncertainty over the offer obviously prompted some investors to exit the issue. On Tuesday, the show went from $ 100.34 to $ 91.25 – a level it may never reach again.

Guess March 24 ViacomCBS High: An offer price often provides a floor or ceiling for an issue. It can be a floor when investors outside the supply decide they want to enter the same place as the big guys.

It can be used as a cap when investors in the offer want to exit immediately and / or others decide that if the business sells, they want to sell too.

ViacomCBS investors rush to release: The triple effect of investors who stuck to the offer, others seeking to lock in profits and companies liquidating Archegos Capital’s stake created a massive sell crescendo.

In eight trading sessions, the issue was halved from its all-time high, closing the April 5 session at $ 42.90.

Consolidation station: As of April 8, the show has been in a range of $ 37.33 to $ 44.26, with a majority of the price action between $ 39 and $ 42.

ViacomCBS price action excluding rumor: The show was offered late Wednesday and ended the session up $ 1.06 to $ 41.94.

It added to those gains during Thursday’s session and is trading up 2.63% to $ 42.94 in the last check.

The stock is yet to pass the high of recent trading, with the high for the sessions standing at $ 43.23.

The discussion on ViacomCBS from Wednesday’s show can be found here:

Photo: Courtesy of ViacomCBS.

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