-New factors including delta variant and States ending federal unemployment benefits may affect the possibility of a fourth dunning check. (All the details)

– US dollar off to a solid start as attention shifts to employment data

– The IRS invites families to file their taxes or, if they are eligible, to use the Non-file tool in front of Child tax payment date

– Biden revisits comments on additional infrastructure spending

End of unemployment benefits expensive and not having the desired effect (full story)

– California Legislature Prepares To Pass $ 262.2 Billion Spending Plan

Bipartite Infrastructure Bill agreed and the inclusion of a fourth follow-up check (full details)

– Some non-profit organizations are continuing their efforts to additional dunning check (all the details)

– More than half of states end federal unemployment benefits (full story)

– IRS has launched: Child Tax Credit Update Portal and Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant

– The IRS has confirmed that the Child tax credit payments will start July 15 (full story)

– Those who wish opt out monthly child tax credit payments before they start have until 11:59 a.m. ET on June 28

10 billion dollars funds for homeowners stimulus checks (how to apply)

– You can track your third dunning check using the IRS online Get my payment tool

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