Last week we told you that Alabama and Georgia were clearly the top two teams in the country. We were half right! Let’s break down what has been a crazy week.


Iowa – The Hawkeyes took advantage of an injury from Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford and reversed a game that wasn’t going in their favor, ultimately escaping with a 23-20 victory in the unexpected clash among the first 5. Iowa’s defense is among the best in the country, and its remaining schedule is seaworthy, so it is not excluded that this team could finish 12-0 in the regular season, at the 2015. Is it a championship team national? Or the one that could even be a possible Big Ten Championship game? Due to the Hawkeyes’ lack of offensive firepower, we would always go ‘No’.

Georgia – The Bulldogs went about business in Auburn on Saturday afternoon and were able to relax and watch a prime-time loss in Alabama that helped them climb to No. 1 in the standings this week. It’s fair to say at this point that Georgia are the best team in the country right now, and maybe there won’t be a close second. The Bulldogs still have some interesting games on the schedule – including this week when undefeated Kentucky comes to town for a game that could decide the SEC East – but this team appears to be on a mission. There’s a reason they’re favorites with three touchdowns this Saturday.

Oklahoma – The Red River Rivalry has produced a few classics recently, but this 2021 edition may have been the craziest of them all. The game got off to a bad start for the Sooners when they allowed a screen pass from Texas for a 75-yard touchdown in the game’s opener. The Longhorns continued to sprint to take a 28-7 lead after the first quarter and had apparently exposed Oklahoma and broken their spirits. The Sooners were still down 38-20 at halftime as struggles from quarterback Spencer Rattler persisted, and Lincoln Riley moved on to true rookie Caleb Williams, who led a furious comeback that ended in triumph. of 55-48 in Oklahoma. This team has a lot of internal and external issues to contend with right now, and five of their six wins have been by a touchdown or less, but the Sooners are still in the race for the Playoffs.


Alabama – “There is probably no other team on [Alabama’s] a regular season schedule that can give them a real test.
– We last week

BZZZZZ … wrong answer. A week after the Tide quashed a legitimately excellent Ole Miss offense, they surrendered 34 points (and seven more via kickoff return) to a legitimately bad Texas A&M offense and were stunned by a field goal that struck them from the ranks of the undefeated. Still, Alabama is far from out of the playoff conversation after that untimely loss, but now it’s highly likely that they will get it and win the SEC title game. This margin of error built into Bama suddenly disappeared.

State of Pennsylvania – You almost have to pity the Nittany Lions because there is a possibility that we will be praising them in our “Winners” section if Sean Clifford doesn’t leave the game in the second quarter never to return. A Penn State offense that actually moved the ball over the vaunted Iowa defense (and led 17-3) suddenly stagnated and scored just three more points the entire game. On the bright side, that splitless loss still keeps Penn State’s fate in its hands, but it will certainly take a Clifford return and an unbeaten run from here to fulfill it.

Texas – The stage was set for Texas to get back to the heart of the matter as they built a convincing first-half lead against Oklahoma, but it all fell apart in a heart-wrenching rivalry loss. Texas are still a strong team that will rack up plenty of wins the rest of the way, but there just doesn’t seem to be a realistic way for them to go beyond the periphery of playoff considerations.

BYU – Speaking of things falling apart, BYU darkhorse’s playoff bid came to a screeching halt in a four-digit stench of a loss to Boise State on Saturday. The Cougars led 10-0 at the start and edged the Broncos by 100 yards in the game, but Boise scored 23 unanswered points to seal the upset victory and end any hope BYU might have had of sneaking into the field. of four teams.


No. 12 Oklahoma State @ No. 25 Texas – Noon
No. 10 Michigan State @ Indiana – Noon
No. 11 Kentucky @ No. 1 Georgia – 3:30 p.m.
TCU @ No. 4 Oklahoma – 7:30 p.m.
No. 13 Ole Miss @ Tennessee – 7:30 p.m.

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