MELAKA: Scams that prey on desperate people, especially the unemployed, by forcing them to apply for non-existent loans are on the increase, according to Melaka police.

State Acting Chief Superintendent of Commercial Crime E. Sundra Rajan said fraud cases related to loan applications have increased since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March.

“Desperate people who want financial help end up losing more money when they apply for such loans.

“The unions operating such scams would claim that they have the approvals of the competent authorities to provide the loans,” he said in an interview on Monday (November 9th).

Superintendent Sundra Rajan said those who applied for the loans were asked to pay a processing fee.

“Once the fees are paid, the fraudsters would demand more payment claiming that the names of the candidates have been blacklisted by the financial institutions, and that they must first be authorized,” he said.

Superintendent Sundra Rajan said cybercrime such as cheating involving online shopping for gadgets has also seen an upward trend during the MCO.

He said losses of RM24.3 million have been recorded in 896 cases for various commercial crime offenses in the nine months since January this year.

This was an increase of 223 cases from last year, when there were 673 cases with losses amounting to RM 19.2 million during the same period.

Fraud involving online shopping totaled 158 cases for the first nine months of the year with losses of RM 10.8 million, Superintendent Sundra Rajan added.

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