Marin became the only county in California to be classified in the yellow category.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID Data Tracker released its update on Wednesday which showed Marin was considered to be subject to moderate levels of the virus’s spread in the community.

There was a “direct correlation between high vaccination rates and lower case rates,” county officials said.

The CDC tracker will serve as a base for the county to track its transmission rates.

The local indoor mask requirement will be waived if Marin remains in the yellow level for three consecutive weeks, the local indoor mask requirement will be waived.

With declining cases and hospitalization rates, the county is relaxing its mask guidelines starting October 15.

A number of commercial establishments may be considered exempt from the indoor mask requirement if their customers are customers who have received full vaccines. This includes gyms or fitness centers, employee commuter vehicles, office facilities, college classes and religious gatherings, KRON4 reported.

In the meantime, here’s what county officials have said about the latest progress:

“Yes, we learned late yesterday that Marin has moved to the ‘moderate’ or yellow level of CDC community transmission monitoring. Currently, Marin County is the only county in California with the yellow classification.

This has been earned by our community through high vaccination rates and strict adherence to other non-pharmaceutical interventions such as wearing masks indoors. We see a direct correlation between high vaccination rates and lower case rates, and this is an example of what we can do together as a community.

Since Marin County sits on the margins of the orange (“substantial”) and yellow levels, we expect some rate fluctuation, which means Marin may temporarily revert to orange until our data. stabilize at a consistently lower rate. “

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