Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Tom Nook charges players a hefty sum of money to upgrade the islands, and the total cost may surprise fans.

Taking loans and repaying them strategically is an essential part of the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While some upgrades to a player’s city only cost the player resources, personal home upgrades can cost a lot to complete. Players repeatedly repay increasingly mind-boggling loans to Tom Nook, who then offers another space of the same size to purchase. Because of this, gamers can be spending a lot more than they realize on all the space they need to house all of their DIY decorations and event furniture.

Home loans aren’t the only thing that could weigh on a Animal crossing fan finances However. Bridges and stairs for the community also cost a solid amount, coming straight from the player’s pocket, if they want to be able to get to other parts of their island without a ladder or pole to jump over rivers. There are eight different types of bridges and stairs that vary between 98,000 and 228,000 bells for each installation. For this reason, those who wish to design elaborate communities will see the cost increase quickly.

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Players may wonder exactly how much Tom Nook is making from their house at the time of all house upgrades in Animal crossing Has been completed. To find out the total cost, below is a list of each Animal Crossing: New Horizons improve available for a player’s house and what Tom Nook charges players to install the upgrade. While no one knows what he would spend the money on, he clearly has more than enough because of these upgrades to buy several islands of his own when he’s done bleeding the bells of Animal crossing players.

Animal Crossing: Tom Nook’s New Horizons Upgrade Costs

Below is a list of each update this Animal crossing players can buy, and the cost requested by Tom Nook, including the recent storage expansion cost.

  • First mortgage – 98,000 bells
  • Second home loan – 198,000 bells
  • Third mortgage – 348,000 bells
  • Fourth mortgage – 548,000 bells
  • Fifth mortgage – 758,000 bells
  • Sixth mortgage – 1,248,000 bells
  • Seventh mortgage – 2,498,000 bells
  • Initial cost of storage expansion – 500,000 bells

In total, a full extension Animal crossing house with full storage will reduce a player to 5,696,000 bells. With the addition of a staircase and a bridge, the total rises to 5,892,000 bells. Earn money by Animal Crossing: New Horizons is part of what makes the game difficult, if players don’t travel back in time to play the Stalk Market and earn some quick cash. Knowing that they will have to pay nearly 6 million bells to complete a house they could find in a mere suburb, players might wonder what Tom Nook will do with all the money he manages to get from the player, and if an island home is truly worth so many hard-earned bells.

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