Here is a look at the main transactions in the bond market on Thursday.

Strong points

  • HDFC Bank to raise funds via infrastructure bonds
  • Bajaj Finance seeks to raise long-term funds
  • Non-convertible bonds

  • HDFC Bank to Raise Rs 2,000 Crore Via Seven-Year Infrastructure Bonds
  • HDFC Ltd to raise Rs 2,500 crore to 6.88% via 10-year bonds
  • LIC Housing Finance to raise Rs 500 crore via 10-year bonds
  • Bajaj Finance to be raised:

    a. Rs 10 crore via October 23 zero coupon bond reissue

    b. Rs 10 crore via the 7.02% bond reissue on April 31

  • Sundaram Finance Raises Rs 500 Crore To 4.85% Via Two-Year Bonds
  • PNB Housing Finance to raise Rs 300 crore via three-year bonds
  • Godrej Industries to raise Rs 400 crore via seven-year bonds
  • John Deere Financial India takes Rs 400 crore at 6.35% via three-year and five-month bonds
  • Shriram Transport Finance to Raise Rs 25 crore via 7.95% Bond Reissue on June 23 at 7.4% Coupon
  • HDB Financial Services takes Rs 6,000 crore at 6.35% IRR via five-year zero coupon bonds
  • NIIF Infra finance takes:

    a. Rs 625 crore at 6.84% coupon via five year and two month bonds

    b. Rs 255 crore at 7.17% via nine year and nine month bonds

    Commercial papers:

  • CEAT to raise funds via three-month CP at 3.56% coupon
  • ICICI Securities to Raise Fund Via Seven-Month CP at 4.35% Coupon

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