The Ice Breakers Mints TV commercial probably puts a smile on the face of American marketing visionary Edward Bernays in approval from the sales magicians heaven.

You may have seen the ad, which begins as if it were a mask-wearing public service announcement. The face of a masked woman appears, with words of admiration about her caution.

Then the message abruptly changes, and the real point of the ad kicks in: “How about a mint before you hide.” Because mask blows? That is true.”

Bingo. Ice Breakers maker Hershey Co. has, in Edward Bernays’ tradition, reacted to unforeseen world events by coming up with a new phrase to sell an existing product in need of a boost.

Most of us have probably assumed that the only tax recipients of the face mask recommendation would be the mask makers. But Hershey’s – facing a drop in sales across the industry as people began to stay home – understood that if fewer men and women were concerned about having nasty breath that might offend colleagues at home. office non-existent, there had to be some other way to persuade them that fresh breath always matters. The answer was “masked breath”. It struck a chord: people were becoming too familiar with their own breath inside these masks. Ice Breakers made the expression a full-fledged sales concept.

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