A Lafayette home buying program is under the microscope, after several complaints from people who say they were promised a new home but never got one. News 10 found several complaints that the program was taking thousands of dollars in upfront costs and not returning the money.

A complaint was filed with the Lafayette police, others with the Better Business Bureau, against Stay Ready Consulting.

Ann Mouton says she and her husband contacted the company in December to get a loan to build a house. She says they were approved for $ 175,000 through a company called Jordan Thomas Financial Services. This company is based in Houston, but also did business in Lafayette. Mouton says she paid the company $ 2,000 up front, but to date no work has been done.

“I was so happy with it, but after seeing the red flags it had to be taken care of,” Mouton said.

Tyja Arceneaux says she thought she was approved for a loan to build a new home after paying nearly $ 3,000 in fees.

“I am very hurt. I’m sad. I don’t know what to say to my children, ”Arceneaux said. “My kids thought we were going to have a brand new home. There is no house. Where is our house?

Nicole Clark also put money up front. She was told she was eligible for a loan of $ 150,000 to build a new house.

“I think it’s a scam, and I think they should go to jail,” Clark said.

Clark filed a complaint against Stay Ready Consulting with the Better Business Bureau. Tyesha Glover filed one too. She accused the company of lying repeatedly after learning that it had been approved for a home loan. She paid $ 4000 up front.

The company responded to the BBB, saying the company is not a lending institution and does not offer home loans, and that the company has no affiliation with Jordan Thomas Financial Services. However, the company sublet offices in the same building.

Tiffany Cahee heads Stay Ready Consulting. Contrary to what she told the BBB, she told News 10 that she was an employee of Jordan Thomas Financial Services.

“I am not the owner of this financial institution. I was just a worker there, ”Cahee said. “I was treating. Processing means taking charge of the request, providing documentation of their income. Once they’ve talked to the broker, got their contract signed, got their deposit for their contract.

Cahee she says this situation is a big misunderstanding.

“He’s ready to solve problems, but there are policies and procedures to do it. “

Everyone News 10 spoke to in this story asked for a refund. Cahee says customers will get their money back, but she couldn’t say when that would happen.

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