While things look grim for the Cleveland Browns in the AFC North this season, hope is not lost and there is still a way they can win the division.

Things are looking very bleak for the Cleveland Browns in the race to win the AFC North race after their disappointing 24-22 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day. Currently, Cleveland sits last in its division with a 7-8 record.

In front of them, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 7-7-1, the Baltimore Ravens are 8-7 and the Cincinnati Bengals are 9-6.

Although the Browns are in the backseat of the division, if things go perfectly for them over the next two weeks, they will still be crowned AFC North first place champions.

Cleveland Browns Week 17 Outlook

In Week 17, the first thing that has to happen for the Browns to win the division is for Cleveland to take out the Pittsburgh Steelers in Monday Night Football.

It’s a very winnable game for Cleveland as they were embarrassed by the Steelers by a small margin earlier in the season. With the Browns barely beaten by the NFL’s top team last week, even with the offense imploding, the game against Pittsburgh should be a relatively easy win.

The second thing that’s due to happen in Week 17 is for the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Cincinnati Bengals. This is another requirement that would not be a longshot to occur. The Chiefs have finally got things back on track and they look like one of the best teams in the AFC once again. Despite that, the Bengals had an incredible exit party this season and took the whole NFL by surprise.

The third thing for week sixteen is that the Baltimore Ravens lose to the Los Angeles Rams. This is not a requirement, however, the Ravens must lose in Week 17 or Week 18 for the Browns to win the division. With the Ravens playing against the Rams in Week 17 and the Steelers in Week 18, they’re much more likely to be defeated by the Rams than the Steelers.

Cleveland Browns Week 18 Outlook

The only thing that needs to happen in Week 18 is for the Browns to beat the Bengals. For some reason, every time Cleveland takes on Cincinnati, Baker Mayfield really steps up and the Browns have an incredible passing game. Ideally, history repeats itself and the Browns can go through Cincinnati.

Plus, if the Ravens don’t lose to the Rams in Week 17, they need to lose to the Steelers last weekend for the Browns to win their division and advance to the playoffs.

If all of that happens, Cleveland will lead the division with a 9-8 record. The Bengals will also be 9-8, but the Browns will be seeded ahead of them due to Cleveland’s 2-0 record against Cincinnati.

If the Ravens lose just one of their two remaining games they will also be 9-8, however, even with the teams 1-1 against each other this year, the Browns will still have the tiebreaker. because they have a better record against the AFC North than the Ravens this year. Finally, the Steelers would be 8-7-1.

It’s not impossible, so let’s be hopeful.

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