Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes it is equally important to prioritize their two drivers and refutes the requirement to issue team orders. Speaking to Sportskeeda and some media in an Azerbaijan exclusive, the Briton affirmed the importance of his own driver winning races, whatever that may be.

For request of sportskeeda on whether it was better to prioritize one driver instead of two in an inter-team battle, Horner responded by saying:

“From a team perspective, our goal is to beat Ferrari. Ultimately which driver had to come out on top, as long as it’s a Red Bull driver, that’s what matters. Now of course , inevitably there comes a time when you have to choose one or the other, whether statistically or in the realm of probability, you will always be looking to put your best foot forward. “

The 48-year-old stressed Red Bull’s overall aim was to beat Ferrari and disputed the need to prioritize a single driver at this stage of the championship. Despite outlining the team’s priorities, Horner believes they may consider prioritizing a single driver, but at a later stage based on stats, results and odds.

Red Bull team boss thinks it’s too early for team orders at this stage of the Championship

With Max Verstappen priority in Spain and Sergio Perez in Monaco, the back-to-back wins helped Red Bull take a lead over Ferrari in the constructors’ championship. After the Monaco GP, Christian Horner clarified that it was too early in the championship to give team orders to his drivers.

Similarly, in Azerbaijan, the Red Bull boss asserted the importance of putting pressure “collectively” on Ferrari and Mercedes, with both drivers given equal priority. According to Horner, the fact that their two drivers have an equal strategy could help them keep their two championship rivals at bay.

Asked about his driver strategy for the season at this stage of the championship, the Briton said:

“Ferrari (has a) similar scenario with [Carlos] Saint and [Charles] Leclerc, therefore still a little ahead in the championship. And Max [Verstappen] has had 2 DNFs to his name so far, so he’s only had a sample of some races. It’s quite simple from the team, you know, that we keep the pressure on Ferrari and Mercedes collectively, because we haven’t taken them out of the championship either.”

Although Verstappen leads the drivers’ championship, he has a very narrow margin over Perez and Charles Leclerc. With the qualifying result in Baku favoring Perez as he starts on the front row, it will be interesting to see how the Milton Keynes-based team handle the run of their defending champion, who starts the race from third place on the gate.

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