Congressman Brendan Boyle wants to prevent Trump, or a number of other celebrities who aren’t in the House, from becoming president.
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One of the strangest ideas circulated during this odd time in American political history is that in the event the Republicans regain control of the United States House in 2022, they could give their lord and master Donald Trump the President’s hammer. As I noted last month, this is technically possible. The odds of Republicans returning the House next year are relatively high given the currently narrow Democratic margin, the White House controlling party’s long history of midterm losses, and the likelihood of Republican gerrymandering for the next year. the imminent redistribution process. The United States Constitution’s provisions for the presidency do not state that the office be held by a sitting member of the House, although it has never been held by an “alien”.

Trump himself, when asked if he wanted to succeed Nancy Pelosi in 2023, called the idea “very interesting.” He did not, however, comment publicly on the savage ploy proposed by his disgraced and pardoned ex-strategist Steve Bannon, that President Trump would preside over the impeachment and impeachment of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and take over. presidency in order to seek a new mandate as holder in 2024.

In any event, House Democrat Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania introduced legislation with the explicit title of Mandating That Being an Elected Member Be an Essential Requirement for Speakership Act of 2021. Since the Constitution is silent on subject, and federal courts are very likely to rely on Congress to set its own rules for his leadership positions, a simple law could be enough to bar Donald Trump, as well as a wide range of celebrities from the sport and entertainment and personalities outside the House, to stand behind Biden and next to Harris during the 2023 State of the Union address.

Presumably, most Democrats who control both houses of Congress would agree with Boyle’s premise: in the name of protecting our nation and our democracy. On the flip side, the idea could be troubling to House Democrats who recently voted for Stacey Abrams, Tammy Duckworth and even (in 2019) Joe Biden in blatant dissent against Pelosi’s continued rule.

Overall, Congressional Democrats are unlikely to act on Boyle’s constructive suggestion lest it make President Trump’s idea much more popular in MAGA country. This is a bad idea and the time has not yet come.

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